7:00 AM | Lingering showers today and quite cool...unsettled conditions for the second half of the week

6-Day DC Forecast


Lingering showers today, maybe a thunderstorm, quite a bit cooler, highs in the lower 70's


Evening showers possible, maybe a thunderstorm; otherwise, mostly cloudy skies, cool, lows in the lower 60's


Mostly cloudy, still cool, cannot rule out a few showers, near 70 degrees

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, cool, chance for a shower or two, near 60 degrees


Mainly cloudy skies, pleasantly cool, cannot rule out a few more showers, low 70’s


Mainly cloudy skies, warmer, cannot rule out a few showers any maybe a thunderstorm, near 80 degrees


Mostly cloudy skies, warm, chance for showers and maybe a thunderstorm, low 80’s


Mainly cloudy skies, not as warm, chance for showers and thunderstorms, mid-to-upper 70's


The frontal system that is grudgingly pushing through the I-95 corridor will finally pull off the east coast by tonight. As a result, lingering showers are likely today and it'll stay unusually cool with a low-level ocean flow of air. While the second half of the week will be quieter than the beginning of the week, there will be enough instability in the atmosphere to generate a few showers each day as we head into the weekend or even perhaps a thunderstorm.