7:00 AM | Still the threat for showers and thunderstorms...some of the storms can be quite strong

6-Day NYC Forecast


Clouds and limited sun, warm, still the chance for showers and thunderstorms, some of the storms can be quite strong, highs in the low 80’s


An evening shower or thunderstorm possible then becoming partly cloudy, mild, lows in the mid 60’s


Mainly sunny, warm, low-to-mid 80’s

Wednesday Night

Partly cloudy, mild, mid-to-upper 60’s


Mainly sunny, pretty hot, near 90 degrees; chance for a shower or thunderstorm late in the day or at night


Mainly sunny, very warm, maybe a shower or thunderstorm, upper 80’s


Partly sunny, quite warm, chance for showers and thunderstorms, low-to-mid 80’s


Mostly sunny, warm, low 80’s


One cool front set off showers and thunderstorms in the I-95 corridor late yesterday and last night and a secondary front will continue the threat today, and once again, some of the storms can be on the strong side. Once this second front clears the east coast later tonight, the Mid-Atlantic region should enjoy mainly rain-free weather later this week - though a shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out - and it'll turn very warm with a flirtation of the 90 degree mark for highs on a couple of occasions.