12:20 PM | Redder-than-normal sunset possible tonight due to Canadian wildfire smoke


goes_vis[GOES visible satellite image; courtesy NOAA, Penn State eWall]


A milky haze can be seen in the latest GOES visible satellite image (above) across West Virginia, Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula and all of this is the result of wildfire activity across southern Canada. Upper levels winds have pushed the smoke from southern Canada into the Mid-Atlantic region over the past 24 hours or so and it very well could contribute to a redder-than-normal sunset in much of the Mid-Atlantic region; especially, across the DC metro region. The wildfire smoke can also be seen in a recent NASA MODIS satellite image (below) and the circled area shows the active wildfire locations (red dots) that have contributed to our current milky skies and possible spectacular sunset.

image-download [NASA MODIS US visible satellite image; courtesy NASA]