The inside scoop on weather for the Mid-Atlantic region

Vencore Weather provides weather forecasts for employees, customers and the general public living in the Mid-Atlantic region (Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and New York City) and Southeast U.S. (Huntsville, AL and Cape Canaveral, FL).  Six-day weather forecasts are available each weekday morning with frequent detailed video discussions to help plan your day.  Additionally, updated afternoon and weekend posts are provided in times of changing or severe weather conditions.

Seasonal Outlooks FOR the coming Months

In addition, seasonal outlooks and extensive video discussions are provided for upcoming winter seasons with a focus on the mid-Atlantic region and summertime tropical seasons with a focus on the Atlantic Basin.  

Relevant discussions, topics that matter

Climate is always changing and expert interpretations are frequently provided on such relevant topics as oceanic cycles, global sea ice, and long-term trends weather related phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and global atmospheric temperatures.  In addition to the dynamic atmospheric and oceanic features seen here on Earth, posts are frequently provided on solar activity which can play a crucial role in our weather and climate.


Make better Plans and Decisions with better forecasts


Vencore meteorologists use highly accurate and tailored forecasts to decide when to mow the lawn, prep the snowblower or bring an umbrella. No hype–just the facts and expert opinion on what you can expect in the next week.


Detailed video discussions provide insight into what's happening with the weather and why it's happening. 


Watch the latest video and subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest insights.

Over 20 instructional videos have been made on a wide range of topics, including: computer forecast models, space weather, and weather & the home run.  The videos are designed to cover numerous key meteorological topics for a variety of audiences, from the seasoned weather forecaster to the general weather enthusiast.  

VENCORE WEATHER Featured in the media

Paul Dorian, Vencore meteorologist, was interviewed on WTKI Radio in Huntsville, AL. Listen to the December 2016 appearance here and and the March 2017 interview here


January 2018, Vencore Weather has been selected as a "Top 100 Weather Blog" from around the world (ranked 27 out of 100 by Top 100 Weather Blogs category).

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