8:35 AM | Another major rain event for the Mid-Atlantic between later today and Thursday with renewed flooding a real concern

The combination of a cold front and the remains of Tropical Storm Lee will produce several inches of rain here in the Mid-Atlantic between now and Thursday. There is the potential for up to 5 inches of rain or more in parts of the Mid-Atlantic by Thursday with the rain coming in different waves over the next few days. For today, an occasional shower this morning will give way to numerous showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and tonight and some of that rain will be heavy. Tomorrow will feature much cooler conditions with highs generally in the 60's and a steady, soaking rain will develop and continue into Wednesday. The rain will then become more convective again in nature on Wednesday with showers and thunderstorms as temperatures warm up a bit from Tuesday's cool levels and that threat of rain will continue into Thursday. By the time all is said and done, this significant rain event will likely cause numerous flooding issues as several inches of rain are likely here in the Mid-Atlantic. Katia is thankfully likely to make a sharp right turn at the end of the week and miss the east coast, but it still has to be monitored closely.