1:00 PM | Update on the Appalachian Mountain snowfall


Heavy, wet snow continues to fall over the higher mountains of West Virginia, western Maryland, western and northern Pennsylvania and western New York, and some impressive accumulations have already been reported for this late date in April. The highest total so far appears to be from Laurel Summit, Pennsylvania where 13.6 inches have already been measured. Other reports include 8” at Latrobe, PA, 8.5” at Mecklenburg, NY, 5.0” at Keyser’s Ridge, MD, and 3.0” in Albright, WV. Power outages are also piling up with more than 50,000 now without power across western and northern Pennsylvania and more than 15,000 in upstate New York. Most of the lower elevation, valley regions have been in a battle all day between rain and snow (e.g., PSU in Happy Valley - central PA) without any significant accumulations. This cold conveyor belt snowfall will continue for much of the afternoon and evening, and then the winds will actually pick up later tonight on the back side of the storm which could cause some additional tree limbs to come down.