7:00 AM | Cold air plunges into the central US, Hurricane Sandy continues to intensify in the tropics and all of this could result in a major Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US weather event early next week

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, warm, highs in the low-to-mid 70’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, some fog and drizzle late, upper 50’s


Becoming partly sunny, warm, near 70

Friday Night

Partly cloudy, mild, low 50’s


Partly sunny, warm, near 70


Becoming cloudy, not as warm, showers likely, near 60


Mostly cloudy, colder, threat for significant rain and wind, near 50


Mostly cloudy, cold, threat for more rain and wind, upper 40’s


As our calm and mild weather pattern continues here in the Mid-Atlantic region the focus of our attention is on two parts of North America: 1) the tropics where Hurricane Sandy continues to intensify and churn northward and 2) the central US where cold air is plunging into the region from central Canada. The potential continues to exist for a major Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US weather event in the Monday/Tuesday time frame as these two features eventually interact with each other. This impending weather event could include hurricane-force winds, power outages, torrential rainfall along low-lying sections, significant higher elevation accumulating snows in inland locations like western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and coastal flooding as high tides will be aided by Sunday’s full moon in addition to strong winds.