7:00 AM | *Accumulating snow for tomorrow night*

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, windy, chilly, highs in the low 40’s


Partly cloudy, cold, lows in the mid-to-upper 20’s


Becoming mostly cloudy with rain likely in the afternoon, chilly, low 40’s

Wednesday Night

Rain mixes with sleet and snow and then changes to all snow, accumulations likely with preliminary estimates of 2-4 inches, cold, upper 20’s


Partly sunny, chilly, low-to-mid 40’s


Mostly sunny, chilly, low-to-mid 40’s


Mostly cloudy, breezy, colder, chance for some steady snow or just snow showers late, mid 30’s


Mostly cloudy, breezy, cold, chance for snow showers, near 30


Weak high pressure will move into the region today bringing with it breezy and chilly conditions. Low pressure will move from the southeastern states tomorrow to the Mid-Atlantic coastline near southeastern Virginia by later tomorrow night. The air will only be moderately cold for this system; consequently, precipitation should begin here in the form of rain during the afternoon hours. However, once the low scoots by to the coast and our winds shift to a more northerly direction, colder air will move in and the rain will mix with sleet and snow and then will change to all snow tomorrow night. Accumulations are likely by late tomorrow night with preliminary estimates in the 2-4 inch range. Moderate cold weather continues on Thursday and Friday, but then colder air plunges into the eastern states this weekend, and that cold air outbreak could be accompanied by some steady snow or just snow showers. More on that weekend threat as the week progresses.