2:40 PM | Precipitation moves in early tonight and changes to accumulating snow


Low-level temperatures have climbed into the low 40’s across the region, but upper level temperatures have already begun to cool off considerably. As a result, despite the above freezing boundary layer temperatures, the onset of the precipitation early this evening could feature snow or a mixture of rain, sleet and snow before the precipitation changes to all snow later this evening. For example, at the onset of the precipitation in Harrisonburg, VA about an hour ago the surface temperatures was 42 degrees yet snow was falling as a result of the cold air aloft. The timetable for the snow will be from later this evening (8pm or so) to after midnight (3am or so) with accumulations generally in the 2-4 inch range. Surface temperatures will drop quickly once the precipitation begins and bottom out near freezing by late tonight and this will lead to some slippery spots.