1:30 PM | Accumulating snow threat for the I-95 corridor late Friday night/Saturday


A deep upper level trough will move to the east coast this weekend and, as a result, cold air will plunge all the way down into the Deep South perhaps causing a freeze in Florida. There are multiple upper-level jet streaks (Arctic, polar, sub-tropical) on the playing field associated with this developing long wave upper level trough and they will quite likely phase together to generate a storm near the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast coast this weekend. Given the complexity of the developing situation, there has been much back-and-forth with the multitude of computer forecast models, but the pattern has always been conducive to potential trouble along the east coast as much colder air pours into the East this weekend. Indeed, the latest model information is beginning to come into better agreement that low pressure will form in time to generate some accumulating snow in the I-95 corridor from Philly-to-NYC late Friday night and Saturday, and perhaps as far south as the DC metro region. Sunday will be the coldest day during this next cold air outbreak, but temperatures will modify quickly on Monday. Stay tuned.