1:30 PM | A potential "atmospheric squeeze play" next week with tropical connections


The tropics continue to be quite active and the effect could be more significant rainfall here in the Mid-Atlantic during next week. An “atmospheric squeeze play” may develop around here early next week between a cold frontal system from the west and the tropical system now over the Gulf of Mexico that will likely soon be named “Lee”. As the front closes in from the west, moisture from “Lee” is likely to head northeast from the Gulf region and this “atmospheric squeeze play” could enhance our rainfall here in the early-to-mid week time frame. Meanwhile, “Katia”, which has returned to hurricane status over the Atlantic, will continue to head towards the US east coast and could come far enough west before making an eventual turn to affect the Mid-Atlantic around the end of next week. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor these two tropical systems over the next few days.